Solid-State Lighting Products

We design and develop LED lighting fixtures for several lighting professional markets, and also to satisfy the demands of various consumer markets. Our five lighting brands maintain leading positions in several different fields, including photography, film, and video lighting, horticulture and aquarium lighting, interior design lighting, architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, and microscopy illumination.

Photography & Video Lights

Fiilex® products are designed with the latest Dense Matrix LED ™ technology. The Fiilex product line has established itself as the best lighting source with tunable color temperature (CCT) function and high CRI (minimum of 90) in the photography and film industry. Fiilex provides a broader range of excellent photography, film, and video lighting fixtures than any other brand.

Aquarium & Horticulture Lights

Kessil® Lighting is a special brand that is aimed at hobbyists and professionals in the areas of horticulture and aquariums. Through the use of DiCon's patented Dense Matrix LED ™ technology, Kessil products provide the best penetration of any light source, with tunable spectrum that has been specially developed and optimized for the growth of plants and coral. Kessil® aquarium lights enhance the visual appeal of any aquarium tank, with incredible shimmer, and tunable color.

Architectural Lighting

Cielux® originated from a simple concept: Enable fantastic lighting experiences for general household consumers, through human interaction. Cielux® products are equipped with Dense Matrix LED ™ technology, combined with intuitive user interfaces to achieve combinations of colors, white light of different color temperatures, and brightness that willturn traditional home lighting into a high-tech lighting experience.