• 2021

    Fiilex launched the 900W Q10 Color with 10” Fresnel and wireless DMX control. This fixture delivers high-quality full-color light output.

    Kessil launched the 185W A500X to meet the needs for high intensity of large aquariums and experienced SPS coral growers.

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  • 2020

    Fiilex launched the second generation 1200W Quad Color with the new upgraded wireless DMX and the powerful 16-pixel light source control.

    Kessil introduced the flagship AP9X. It has set a new standard in the aquarium lighting industry along with the advanced control systems.

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  • 2019

    Fiilex launched the 165W Q5 Color combining the extensive feature set of top-tier RGBW LEDs with the performance of a tungsten fresnel.

    Kessil launched the new generation smart products - WiFi Dongle and smart APP. The automatic lighting scheduling elevates users’ experiences to the next level.

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  • 2018

    Kessil has set a new benchmark for the aquarium light market with the A360 X series - It provides a higher light output over a larger area in a lower profile design.

    Fiilex officially entered the Hollywood film industry level with its launch of the 1200W full-color fixture - Quad RGBW.

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  • 2017

    Kessil debuted the PR160 series providing LED lights with specific and precise wavelengths optimized for photochemistry reactions.

    Fiilex released the 320W Matrix RGBW. High quality white light and rich, full-spectrum light are achieved through the full 360º RGBW color mixing technology.

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  • 2016

    Kessil brought out the A80 series, featuring the ultra-compact and elegant, shell-shaped LED fixtures ideal for small coral tanks and freshwater planted aquariums.

    Fiilex launched the 320W Q8 Tunable White. It produces a superior spotlight effect and stable light quality without overlapping shadows.

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  • 2015

    Unveiled the 300W Q1000 Light Under the Fiilex® Brand.

    Introduced the AP700 Low Profile Aquarium Light, with Wi-Fi Control, Under the Kessil® Brand.

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  • 2014

    Introduced the Award Winning 180W Q500 Light Under the Fiilex® Brand

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  • 2013

    Released Advanced Lighting Fixtures for Film Makers, Videographers, and Photographers Under the Fiilex® Brand

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  • 2012

    Introduced a Series of Track Lights Under the Cielux® Brand

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  • 2011

    Unveiled a Line of Modern, Stunning, and Touch-Controllable Desk, Floor, and Accent Lighting, Under the Cielux® Brand

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  • 2010

    Established the Dense Matrix LED™ Packaging Department

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  • 2009

    Launched Horticulture and Aquarium Lighting Under the Kessil® Brand

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  • 2008

    Unveiled New Fiber Illuminators for the Architectural Lighting Industry, Under the FiberLamp™ Brand

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  • 2007

    Released First Dense Matrix LED™ Microscope Illuminator Under the ScopeLED® Brand

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  • 2005

    Launched Our First LED Lighting Fixture, With 1,200 Lumens Light Output, Using Proprietary Dense Matrix LED™ Platform

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  • 2003

    Expanded Photonics Expertise by Investing in Solid-State Lighting and LED Technology

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  • 2002

    Started Epitaxy and Photonic Chip Process Development

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  • 2001

    Inaugurated Our 200,000 ft² Richmond, California Corporate Headquarters Facility

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  • 2000

    Established Overseas Production Capability in Taiwan - Global Fiberoptics, Inc.

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  • 1986

    Founded DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

    Started Delivery of Optical Components to the Optical Communication Industry.

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