Fiberoptics Division

The Fiberoptics Division has thirty years of experience in providing vertically integrated products and solutions to the optical communications industry. Our industry-leading position is based on our dedicated and professional team's strong knowledge base and expertise in developing and manufacturing high-technology products, to the most exacting standards.

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Lighting Division

The Solid-State Lighting Division develops and manufactures lighting products for a variety of applications, including residential lighting, horticulture lighting, aquarium lighting, lighting for film, video, and photography, architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, and biomedical lighting, using our patented Dense Matrix LED™ technology.

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Core Technology Development
Marketing and Sales

Includes DiCon Fiberoptics and
DiCon Lighting.
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Product Development
World-Class Mfg.

Global Fiberoptics, Inc. is the Taiwanese subsidiary of DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.