We are the leading developer and manufacturer of passive optical components, modules, and sub-systems for the Telecommunications industry. Our primary customers are the well-known global telecommunications system manufacturers. DiCon continues to take a long-term view on investing in the development of new core technologies. Our approach is to perfect the technology first, to fully understand our capabilities, and then to apply the new technology to product applications that meet our customers' needs.

MEMS Device Fabrication



Electronic Circuit Design

Custom Design

Micro-ElectroMechanical System (MEMS) Processes

  • MEMS Chip Design and Manufacturing

  • "In-House" Wafer Processing (DiCon)

  • Die and Wire Bonding

  • Projection Welding

  • Laser Welding

Optical Design

  • Geometric Optics Analysis

  • Development of Optical Measurement Systems

  • Product Design

  • Production Line Process Development

Software Design

  • Firmware and Software for Integrated Optical Modules

  • Testing Software Development

  • Instrument Control

  • Database Development

Electronic Circuit Design

  • PCB Design

  • Firmware Design and Development

  • MEMS Control Module

Custom Design

  • High Technology Customization

  • Optical, Mechanical, and Electrical Integration Ability

  • Project Evaluation and Management