Global Fiberoptics, Inc.

Global Fiberoptics, Inc. (GFI), founded in 1999, is the Taiwanese subsidiary of DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. We are located in the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone.

GFI has always been proud of the capabilities and dedication of our technical team! As we follow our spirit of innovation to create new products for the fiberoptics and lighting industries, we are always looking forward to meeting new people with ideas and aspirations to join us.

Technology Pioneer

Fiberoptics Division

DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. founded in 1986, is one of the world's largest suppliers to the fiberoptic communications industry, providing innovative, high quality optical components, integrated modules, and testing equipment. Using core technologies sourced from DiCon, including our leading-edge MEMS technology, Global Fiberoptics, Inc. develops and manufactures a broad range of fiberoptics components and modules, that may be customized to meet specific customer needs and requirements.

Vertical Integration

Lighting Division

DiCon established its Solid-State Lighting division in 2002. Based on our patented Dense Matrix LED™ light source, our lighting products are aimed at meeting the demanding needs of high-end consumers and the professional lighting market, through our five lighting brands. As a vertically integrated company, Global Fiberoptics, Inc. (GFI) is deeply immersed in all aspects of Solid-State Lighting technology. We manufacture our own LED chips, as well as the Dense Matrix LED light source, and design and manufacture light fixtures and luminaires for each of our five brands.